Monday, 24 November 2014

Life is short, mostly dark and gloomy

Christmas is almost here!

To understand better the weird culture I'm coming from, you can have a look at some popular Finnish Christmas Carols (short summaries in English).

Downside: The list is depressingly accurate: most Finnish Christmas carols are exactly like this. There are only few which are neutral instead of outright melancholic, as in, they're not directly mentioning death, poverty or misery. All the cheerful ones are imports and frowned upon by real Finns.

Upside: There are metal versions for most of the songs.

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  1. Tonttu (Tomten) is my favourite Christmas song. Just an aside, it's originally a Swedish poem that is not sung but read. There are some sung versions on YouTube, but they use a different melody than the Finnish song. I'd like to hear the Swedish version sung with the Finnish melody... ah well.