Monday, 23 June 2014

Not Bad!

German can sometimes be confusing, if you know English.

Do not worry, that is a stop (Not = emergency).

And this is a pretty decent bathroom cleaning product (Bad = bath).

It goes the other way around too. A German friend of mine told that he was confused when working on smashthestack, a war game. Non-geeks, do not worry, you don't need to know what a war game is to find this funny (you only need to like puns, which you do, since you're reading this blog). Anyhow, the game has levels which are labeled like level01, level02, level03 etc. And then there was level03_alt. The German in question told me that first he just disregarded the level, because he thought it's just and old version (alt = old), and only later it occurred to him that this is actually English ("alternative"), not German.

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